Reach for the stars

Social Emotional Learning

Focus: To promote social emotional well-being for our students, staff, and families through a focus on social-emotional learning strategies and instruction. This aligns with the Morris School District’s Way Forward (Student and Community Wellness)

Rationale: During the 2020-2021 school year, Sussex Avenue School continues to target social emotional learning and competencies to ensure all students are comfortable to take risks and make mistakes, have a sense of belonging, a. This can be seen through our emphasis on growth mindset, social emotional learning strategies, culturally responsive teaching, and flexible seating. As a school, we are developing skills and strategies to better foster social emotional learning capacities to impact academics, behavior, and our overall school culture and climate. 

Research suggests that the development of social emotional skills has a positive impact on student achievement scores, student behavior, self-regulation, and social interactions between students. 

Smart Goal: By June 2021 the following will be achieved 

  • SEL Student Competency measures for Social Awareness, Self-Efficacy, and Growth Mindset will be above the 60th percentile compared to others nationally 


Action Steps:

  • Provide student led professional development on microaggressions and ways to support in the classroom

  • Inventory and purchase texts representative of all students race, ethnicity and culture.

  • Provide lessons on race, equity and inclusion.

  • Provide parents with weekly questions on race, equity, and inclusion for self-reflection and to facilitate conversations with their child

  • Teachers will identify and work towards Professional Development Plan (PDP) goals aligned with promoting social emotional wellness, inclusion, and growth mindset. 

  • Review Panorama Survey data

    • Celebrate and examine strengths 

    • Identify areas of growth and create strategies to improve

  • Teachers will continue fostering a sense of belonging and community through Morning Meetings while incorporating SEL based activities.

  • Staff will participate in ongoing professional development on Culturally Responsive Practices 

  • Monitor student reflection and goal setting.

  • Foster mindfulness and growth mindset purposefully within the classroom through discussion, activities, and lessons

  • Teacher will promote communication on student growth through Class Dojo and e-mail updates

  • Utilize Panorama Student Success Platform for I&RS to help inform and monitor the RTI model 

  • Sussex will conduct SEL surveys with students 3-5; review the data with staff and create a targeted plan to address areas of growth

  • Sussex will utilize SEL survey data to inform instructional practices, as evidenced by collective planning/PLC meetings.