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Drop-off/Pickup Guidelines

Sussex Avenue School’s Arrival & Dismissal Procedures


Arrival: Students enter the building at 8:55 a.m. Parents wishing to bring their students to school should do so no earlier than 8:40. Students are dropped off at the entrance. Please note that there is no supervision before 8:55; any student arriving before 8:55 will not be permitted in the building.

Our parking lot space is smaller than Alfred Vails and cannot accommodate those who wish to drop their student off to line up at the entrance with their vehicles, waiting for the doors to open at 8:55. If you arrive before 8:55 and would like to wait with your child, please park your vehicle in the main or side parking lot and escort your student to the front door or wait in your vehicle in the parking lot until the building opens.


We will begin the dismissal process at approximately 3:20. We will begin by dismissing all walkers and those being picked up by their parents at this time.

Parent Pick-Up & Escorted Walkers: The side parking lot will be available for parking during arrival and dismissal. Parents will either park their car in the side parking lot or the main lot and wait outside the side entrance until dismissal time. Staff members will be outside the side parking lot door to take your name. Once they have your name, they will call into the gymnasium for your child, and your child will be released to you.

f you plan to pick up your child at dismissal time and this is not their typical mode of transportation, please complete the Sussex Pick Up Note Google Form in the morning.

Written permission must be provided if you are sending someone other than yourself to pick up your child. Individuals should be prepared to present identification. Students will not be dismissed by anyone without written parental consent.

District Appointed Walkers without an Escort: Students designated as district-appointed walkers will be dismissed after the last period. Students will follow all approved routes in which a crossing guard is present. Should you pick your child up, please follow the procedures above under Parent Pick Ups. For safety reasons, students will not be permitted to enter vehicles on school property if the adult does not follow the above procedures.

Change in Dismissal Plans: If a situation requires you to pick your child up during the school day, please complete the electronic Sussex Pick Up Note Google form in the morning before your child arrives at school or as soon as you know you will be changing your child's dismissal plan. The end of the day is very hectic in the main office. Pickups near dismissal time for those who have not completed the Google form may be delayed.

Before leaving, you must sign your child out in the notebook provided in the foyer. Written permission must be provided if you are sending someone other than yourself. Students will not be dismissed by anyone without written parental consent. Individuals should be prepared to present identification.