Reach for the stars

Classroom Highlights

Project Based Learning w/ Mrs. Daly and Ms. Caruso's Class

Hello everyone-

We wanted to share what our class has been doing here at Sussex Avenue School. Mrs. Daly and Ms. Caruso's class is learning about Alternative Energy. We were very fortunate to be able to have two wonderful presentations with someone who works for a solar company and someone who works for a nuclear energy company. 

Last week, Mr. Elvin Frost from Geoscape Solar joined our class in a Google Meet and taught them about solar energy. Our students prepared questions and asked him about why solar energy is a clean, alternative energy source. Earlier this week, we were joined by Mr. Jeremy Lymburner who works for Arkansas Nuclear One. Mr. Lymburner taught us how nuclear energy works and why it is indeed a very clean energy source. 

We continue to develop our research and at this time the students are creating their presentations and projects that they will present to each other and some special guests before we leave for Winter Break. 

We are very proud of what our students are learning and for the effort they are putting into their work each day. 

Thank you for supporting us and for sharing our work. We appreciate you.

Ms. Caruso and Mrs. Daly